Why Is Tom Brady Considered Great?

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To stay relevant in the offseason, nfl.com does a lot of fun things to keep fans checking things out.  Right now they are using the bracket idea of your March Madness office pool to create a tiered survey as to who the fans think the best quarterback of all time is.  This subject creates a lot of argument among fans, some bandwagoning on the newest thing, some taking a more historical perspective.  My man Russell Wilson is coming up a lot.  I love that he took my beloved Seahawks to the Super Bowl, but I am withholding judgement until he gets a few years on him.  Guess that puts me in the old school camp.

Tom Brady’s frustration mounts through the years

To make things fair, the QB Bracketology is broken into eras for the first comparisons.  Sitting at the top seed in the Right Now bracket is Tom Brady  of the New England Patriots.  I would have agreed a few years ago, before Eli and Peyton Manning figured out how to deny the Patriots championships.  Peyton Manning has even managed to stop Brady on two separate teams.  And Eli should probably put Tom on his Christmas list.  He wouldn’t have two Super Bowl Rings without Tom’s help, after all.

Don’t get me wrong, Tom Brady has done some amazing things.  He is the first quarterback in NFL history to have 100 more wins than losses as of September of last year.  And he was at the helm for three Super Bowl victories.  But there is a caveat to those wins.  Each win was by a field goal, and the Patriots have not won a Super Bowl since letting go of Adam Vinatieri, their place kicker.  I always thought it was a miscarriage that in those three wins by a field goal, the NFL saw fit to award the Super Bowl MVP to some other player.

Anyway, back to Brady.  As I mentioned previously,  Eli and Peyton Manning have both beat him when it counts.  Eli has two Super Bowl rings and Peyton has two AFC Championships, one with the Indianapolis Colts and one with the Denver Broncos.  Ironically, Adam Vinatieri was on the Colts team that beat the Patriots to go on to Eli Manning’s first Super Bowl victory.  See what happens when you don’t want to pony up the cash to keep a player?  They beat you when it hurts most.

I am not saying that Tom Brady does not deserve to be considered one of the greatest quarterbacks right now.  And his numbers could argue for the greatest of all time.  My beef with him is when the big game, like a Super Bowl or AFC Championship is on the line, he does not have the edge of some other great quarterbacks any more.  Honestly, I think his best days are already behind him.

Joe Montana immediately comes to mind, as he never met a Super Bowl he couldn’t win.  Four wins in four appearances is really hard to argue against.  He also has the most Super Bowl MVP awards at three.  Also, every Super Bowl victory was by more than a field goal, the closest spread being five points.

Terry Bradshaw could also make a legitimate claim for greatest quarterback ever, having also won four Super Bowls in four appearances with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He also brought home eight division championships, making Pittsburgh the team to beat for many years.

I am sure I could dig up more quarterbacks from history who did it better, but I think my point speaks for itself.  Tom Brady is a good quarterback, even a great one.  He is not, however, the greatest of all time, and never will be.


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