What Does Hillary Clinton Know About Being Knocked Down?

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Hillary Clinton made the cover of Time magazine again with the headline, “I know what it’s like to be knocked down.”  This comment offended me in a deeply personal way, having seen the REAL struggles my mother overcame.

My parents divorced when I was young, and my father was mostly absent.  My mom had to go through a lot to make a decent life and she knows infinitely more about being “knocked down” than the deceptive former Secretary of State.

In 1970, Hillary Rodham was attending Yale Law School.  In that same year, my mother was fired for becoming pregnant with me.

In 1974, Hillary Rodham was working for the commission investigating the Watergate scandal, while my mother found herself divorced and facing raising a child alone.  We had to move to her parents, getting to hear repeatedly from my grandfather how marrying my dad was a mistake.

In 1980, Hillary Clinton was a governor’s wife.  She went on to protect her husband from many accusers of sexual misconduct.  Meanwhile, my mother graduated from college with a BA in Accounting and a minor in Computer Science after being told women were not good at math, did not make good accountants, and did not get computer jobs.  My mother was hired by the Accounting Department of Boeing Computer Services, soon transferring to the Programming Department.  She also passed the Certified Public Accountant exam with one of the highest scores in her peer group.  All while being a single mother who received no child support from her husband.  Through all this she endured sexual harassment and discrimination, and even though she was one of the top programmers in her department, she never made as much as her male counterparts.  My mother told me once that she knew she never would make as much, but if she did the best job she could maybe future generations of women would be on more equal footing.

Mrs. Clinton’s assertions are insulting to women who have actually struggled.  Hillary Rodham Clinton DOES NOT KNOW about being knocked down.  Any woman who votes for Mrs. Clinton is slapping those who have been fighting for equality in the face.  My mother, and so many women like her, were silent pioneers.  They blazed a trail by doing jobs that men said they couldn’t, and doing them well.  I would love to see a woman President, not only because it would be the ultimate validation of my mother’s struggles, but because I value and respect women’s contributions to leadership.  However, I want it to be a woman that has actually done something positive for women.  Mrs. Clinton just talks about how she is a woman and should be elected for that.  She should be knocked down for once, not elevated to another public office where she will again perform badly.

Please let me know what you think! Even if you disagree!

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