When will we take cyber security seriously?

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4 million US government employees records across several agencies have recently been hacked, and China is being blamed for the attack.  Regardless of who is responsible, it points to a larger issue. This country is woefully under protected in cyberspace.

While it may not seem like a large threat to most people’s lives, looming technology improvements make cybersecurity. Google is daily trumpeting its efforts to bring us driverless cars Many people are excited about the convenience, but no one seems to want to talk about the massive loss of life if the network maneuvering were to be breeched.  If US government databases can be breached, Google’s certainly could.

Robot doctors are also on the horizon, with many people touting the benefits as well.  What would happen if someone hacked the robot’s operating system and sent it on a rampage through the hostpital?  While this seems farfetched, a motivated hacker could easily make this nightmare scenario a reality.

One of the most dangerous scenarios would obviously be a hack into military drones, unleashing a wave of destruction on friendly forces.

Technology is a boon to our lives, and open networks are a boon to communication around the world. Vigilance at all levels must be greatly enhanced at all levels, however.  If security does not keep pace in advancement, it could be the thing that ends us.


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