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Since it is the season of graduation, I thought I would leave a few words of wisdom to pass on to all the young, successful people out there ready to take on the world.

I Wish For You A Failure

I wish for you a failure so you appreciate when you succeed.

I wish for you a heartache so you hold on tight when you find real love.

I wish for you a betrayal so you see the importance of loyalty.

I wish for you a lie so you value integrity.

I wish for you sleepless night of worry so you are glad for proper rest.

I wish for you a deep loss so you cherish the blessings in your life.

I wish for you an unkindness so you cultivate empathy.

I wish for you unanswerable questions so you accept wisdom when given.

I wish for you fear so you place worth in safety.

I wish for you an illness so you more properly manage your health.

I wish for you money problems so you figure out how to budget.

I wish for you an unfulfilled need so you extend your hand to others.

I wish for you to outlive a friend so you treasure those you still have.

I wish for you to miss a great opportunity so you never let it happen twice.

I wish for you an intolerable job so you strive to never have another you hate.

And finally, I wish, after all the ups and downs, you remember a life well lived, and not the difficulty of living.

Shane Dean

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  1. Very profound. You’ve captured all the important life lessons, some of which take a while to learn. Good job and best wishes. 🙂

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