Racism: It’s Not Just For Alt-Whites Anymore

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I just finished this article ranting how Muslims and Mexicans would be the end of Democracy.  This article wasn’t from some angry, Alt-White person, however.  Well, maybe not fully anyway.  The author’s last name was Chiang.


I was struck by the irony of his diatribe, considering the comments he made have been said nearly verbatim about almost any ethnic and/or religious group in the United States.  Including his own Asian ancestors.  Or my Irish ones.



I guess the author was never taught about the Chinese Exclusion Acts in the latter half of the 19th Century.  And he probably never read about the depiction of Irish immigrants as terrorists through much of that same time period, such as the cartoon here portraying them as bomb-wielding monkeys




Later, similar fears would be attributed to German immigrants, then Italian.  And he seemed to forget that tensions between Muslims and the United States is not a new thing, but has actually been going on since the Revolutionary War when we lost the protection of the British Empire from North African Islamic pirates.


I will concede our immigration system needs a massive overhaul.  I also agree that, like many Presidents before him, Donald Trump is motivated by national security rather than racism in his very temporary freeze on immigration from areas known to be hostile to the United States.


However, I wrote this piece to point out another fallacy just as bad as the Alt-White narrative the Main Stream Media is trying to foist off on people.  The narrative boils down to angry racist white men were the only ones voting for Trump.  Never mind that mathematically there are not enough of that group of people to win a national election.  The narrative also proclaims only white men are racist, completely ignoring the hypocritical irony of that assertion.


The MSM seems hell-bent on the principle that only white, middle aged men group treat other ethnic and religious groups negatively.  Ultra-hard core feminists campaign for the idea that males of the species are no longer needed, as their only purpose is to continue the species and science can do that without them (a false premise, incidentally).  Some radical African Americans have decided to wage war on White policemen.  Asian Americans of different backgrounds are often worse to each other than “round-eyes” ever could be.


I could make a hate list that goes on for pages, but the point is EVERY group has its bad apples who act out on prejudiced impulses.  If the MSM would look at that and try to fight the issue rather than fan the flames to sell papers and create click-bait, we could really come together as a nation.


Sadly, I don’t see that happening in my lifetime.  Then again, there are people alive today who never thought the Civil Rights Act would pass.  Maybe my children and others will make a better world?  Hopefully, if enough of them keep fighting for equal treatment of one another, that goal will be achieved.

Please let me know what you think! Even if you disagree!

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